Here are ideas that I have been playing with. This project started as an attempt to document my travels around Afghanistan only to discover that there are veils to be lifted not only in Afghanistan. Something that at first appeared to be a neat idea started to become a journey of self-discovery and reflection. But then lifting veils has never been a clear and easy endeavor. How many walls would one need to climb, how many cups of tea to drink, how many silent conversations to have before one can lift a veil. Bear with me on this journey, become my friend as we ponder and drink time from the intricate cup of life.


Afghanistan Vignettes

The bulk of my time in Afghanistan I spent watching people on the streets, in the mosques, in the crowded bazaars, and in their houses. One thing that these experiences have taught me is that war or no war someone has to make soap. So I want to share the little vignettes of this daily life as seen through the eyes of a stranger.


On Identity

Imagine that you are fluid, that things are not set in stone, that there is so much more to you than what meets the eye. Imagine? Just for a second?


Through the Fog

One summer an unexpected, unwanted guest visited me. That guest took someone I cared about very much away to a place that all will eventually go but few if ever return from. Like graphite I found myself strong and stable yet utterly fragile and easy to break. Lost and blind I burned with cold. But time is a miraculous healer; and I learned that from ashes of the past a new life will always grow. Through the fog documents the journey of that growth.

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